Learn everything about Authentication in Makerkit

MakerKit uses Supabase to manage authentication within your application.

By default, every kit comes with the following built-in authentication methods:

  • Email/Password - we added, by default, the traditional way of signing in
  • Third Party Providers - we also added by default Google Auth sign-in
  • Email Links
  • Phone Number

You're free to add (or remove) any of the methods supported by Supabase's Authentication: we will see how.

This documentation will help you with the following:

  • Setup - setting up your Supabase project
  • SSR - use SSR to persist your users' authentication, adding new providers
  • Customization - an overview of how MakerKit works so that you can adapt it to your own application's needs


Learn how authentication works in MakerKit and how to configure it.

Supabase Setup

How to setup authentication in MakerKit using Supabase.